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Welcome to the Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry family. Located in North Odgen, Utah, our goal is to provide complete oral health.

Your First Visit

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Your First Visit

Subsequent Visits

Financing & Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Forms

Your First Visit

We’re committed to providing your family the highest quality care possible, which means that your visits might be a little different than what you’ve experienced at other dentists. Using cutting-edge technology and a Complete Health Dentistry approach, we’ll help your child achieve maximum health.

It all starts with the Complete Oral Health Assessment.

During your assessment, you can expect:

Health history questions

Whole-body health and wellness assessment

Saliva screening or a bacteria swab


A thorough cleaning

Assessment from a doctor

A customized treatment plan for moving forward

Because of our advanced bacteria and saliva screenings, we also ask your child to do something a little different—not eat, drink, or brush for two hours before the appointment.


We want to get a clear picture of what your child’s mouth looks like—brushing makes it look better than normal and eating makes it look worse. By screening your child’s mouth in its regular state, we can discover factors for decay, assess acidity and inflammation, and learn how best to help your child’s oral health improve.

Subsequent Visits

For your visits after the initial Complete Oral Health Assessment, you can continue to expect a friendly welcome, detailed exams, hygiene wellness visits, screenings, and thorough and helpful discussions about your child’s specific health needs–both oral and beyond.

Look forward to:

Easy and effective screenings

Nutrition, myofunctional, and other counseling as needed

Detailed care plans

New, proven treatments like Basic Bites and SDF

Referrals to other providers you might need

A fun, caring atmosphere

Financing and Insurance

We accept cash, credit, and CareCredit. We also accept certain insurance plans. Give us a call at 801-782-3920 for more details.

We want to ensure you are able to get the high-quality dental care you deserve. If your dental insurance doesn’t cover all of your treatments, we’ll work with you to create a payment solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Complete Health Dentistry?

Dentists, doctors, and researchers have found a clear connection between the mouth and the rest of your body. In fact, bacteria, gum disease, and bone loss in the mouth can lead directly to diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and diabetes.

Complete Health Dentistry works to educate you and your child about how caring for their oral health will help them prevent chronic illness in the future. We use the latest technology to help screen for potential issues and create individualized treatment plans to allow your child to enter adulthood equipped with the tools and habits they need for a lifetime of health.

Do you take insurance?

Please call us at 801-782-3920 to see if we accept your insurance. We are also happy to talk to you about cash, credit card, or Care Credit payments.

Where are you located?

Our address is 2667 N Washington Blvd, North Ogden, UT 84414

Why should we see a pediatric dentist?
Not only do kids have a different number and arrangement of teeth than grownups, but they may have specific dental and behavioral needs that adults just don’t have. Through extra years of schooling, training, experience, and certification, a pediatric dentist is uniquely qualified to treat the dental needs of infants, children, adolescents and those with special healthcare needs.

We like to feel that you and your child do not come to our office to have their ”cavities fixed” but rather to prevent them. Our mission is to provide all of the educational tools necessary for our patients to enjoy a cavity-free future.

When should my child’s first appointment be?
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents and other care providers to help every child establish a dental home by 12 months of age. We even love to work with expecting mothers to give them the education they need to start their baby’s life off right. (Did you know that buildups of oral bacteria can contribute to preterm and low birth-weight babies?) We also offer help with tongue ties and nursing support.
Do you work with special needs adults?
Yes. We love to work with special needs patients of all ages.
How do I make an appointment?

Give us a call at 801-782-3920. We can’t wait to meet you!

Why would you talk to me about nutrition or sleep?

The future of dentistry is changing! Gone are the days when dentists only focus on cavities. We are excited to stand at the leading edge of dentistry and offer you support and guidance on many aspects of your health. What you eat and how you sleep have a huge impact on your oral health, which in turn affects almost every aspect of your body. By working together now, you can not just improve your child’s oral health, but set them up for a lifetime of wellness.


To help streamline your experience, we only accept paperwork submitted online. Please complete and submit it before your appointment.

(And don’t forget to not eat, drink, or brush for 2 hours before you come in!)

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