Room to Grow

Unlock your kids’ ability to become healthy adults with our Growth and Development program.

Reduce risk for decay & disease

Encourage healthy sleep

Achieve greater health

A Lifetime of Wellness Starts In the Mouth

Your child’s entire body is a system, with their mouth as its gateway. When things aren’t right in the mouth, it can affect the entire system— how they sleep, breathe, fight decay, and more. We’re here to make sure your child’s mouth (and entire body!) gets and stays healthy as they grow.

Solve Problems

Your child may already be experiencing issues that are connected to their mouth. From bed wetting or attention-deficit disorder to struggles in school, we can help.

Prevent Complications

Early intervention can help significantly reduce your child’s risk of developing systemic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, and more.

Holistic Approach

Rely on us for non-invasive, natural therapies that will create the space in your child’s mouth that they need to help them sleep, breathe, and grow better.

Time To Get Moving

If your child doesn’t have enough space in their mouth for their adult teeth or to breathe properly when they’re sleeping, it’s important to start addressing it now.

Start early to avoid problems and more difficult, invasive treatment later.

Identify Root Causes

From sleep apnea to TMJ to tongue ties, we’ll dig deep to find the root causes of the problem and create a customized plan for moving forward.

Room to Breathe

An underdeveloped airway can lead to trouble getting high quality sleep and even developing health risks. Our treatments can help widen their airway quickly, painlessly, and permanently.

Ongoing Support

Our myofunctional therapist will help your child overcome troublesome oral habits and practice healthier patterns including proper tongue, head and neck positions, chewing and swallowing, and posture.

Does Your Child Experience Any of These?

Waking up tired, feeling tired all day long


Poor attention span



Night Terrors

An ADD/ADHD diagnosis

Speech problems

Problems nursing

Difficulty sticking out their tongue

Difficulty chewing

Headaches or pain in their face/jaw

Cracking or locking jaw

Our Growth and Development program can help!