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Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry’s oral health treatments help kids eliminate pain and enjoy life-long health.

Complete Health Dentistry

Preventative Care

Growth & Development



Special Needs & Medically Complex

Complete Health Dentistry

Did you know there is a clear connection between oral and overall health? Research has shown that oral bacteria is directly related to chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and even premature and low birth weight babies. Let the pediatric dental team in North Odgen, Utah help!

Our whole-body approach will help you and your child:

Build healthy oral hygiene habits

Reduce inflammation

Address and improve nutrition

Avoid chronic illness

And more!

At Castle Creek Pediatric, we’re your partner in health.

Your child’s health is important to us. That’s why our visits don’t just focus on solving visible issues, but also include preventative screenings, discovering root causes, and offering education and support. We’re here to help your entire family create a legacy of health. Learn more about our Complete Dental Health approach.

Preventative Dental Care in Ogden, Utah

The best kind of dentistry avoids drilling and filling. With preventative care at the forefront, you can help your child build healthy habits now that will reduce the severity and frequency of problems in the future.
Following your individualized treatment schedule, we’ll help:

Screen your child for health risks

Learn your child’s ability to fight decay

Teach your child healthy habits

Keep teeth and mouths healthy

With Castle Creek Pediatric, your child’s healthy future is bright.

Working together, we’ll help your child and entire family stay in tip-top shape. We know that every child’s needs are unique, which is why we work hard to spend time with every family and make a treatment plan that fits your child’s individual needs. Learn more about our Preventative Dental Care Program.

Growth and Development

Your child’s mouth is the gateway to their body. Issues in the mouth can quickly lead to problems in other parts of their body. For instance, under-developed airways or tongue ties can lead to speech problems, sleep apnea, problems in school, and other chronic diseases.
To help your child grow into a healthy adult, we can help:

Provide a non-invasive, at-home sleep test

Determine the issue (sleep apnea, tongue-tie, TMJ, etc)

Offer treatments to naturally and holistically resolve the issue

Support their development with myofunctional therapy

Castle Creek Pediatric can help your child sleep and breathe better so they can grow.

The mouth is a hugely important aspect of your child’s growth and development. We’re committed to helping you give your child a foundation of health so they can enter life at full capacity. More information about our oral health growth and development services.


Accidents happen! If your child sustains an injury, you need immediate help—not an appointment for three weeks down the road. Our after-hours help line goes straight to a doctor who will help ensure your child gets help when they need it most.
Call us right away if your child experiences any of these:

Traumatic injury to the mouth or teeth

A broken or cracked tooth

A severe and sudden toothache

A tooth or gums that won’t stop bleeding

An abscess or infection that’s causing pain, bad breath, and fever

A filling that is broken or missing

Castle Creek Pediatric is here to help.

As parents ourselves, we understand how the entire family can be affected when your child is in sudden, extreme pain. Don’t put off calling or coming in—we’re here to solve the problem so you all can get back to your lives.

For emergency care, contact us now


When your child has a complex problem, is very young or scared of the procedure, or has other underlying issues, local anesthetic may not be enough. You need to find a provider you can trust to sedate your child and complete the needed work quickly, safely, and comfortably.
If you child needs sedation, we will:

Work with an expert nurse anesthetist

Ensure your child feels safe and happy

Explain the entire procedure to you and address your concerns

Complete the procedure at the hospital if necessary

Your child is safe at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry.

Going under general anesthesia can be intimidating for kids and their parents. We promise to make the procedure as positive and pleasant as possible for everyone involved. We treat every child as if they were our own.

Special Needs & Medically Complex Patients

If your child has special needs or complex medical issues, going to yet another uncomfortable appointment can feel exhausting and overwhelming. You and your child deserve to get the help you need on your terms.
Look to us for help with:

Respecting your child’s comfort level

A positive attitude with no pressure

Procedures both in the office or at the hospital

Individualized, compassionate treatment

At Castle Creek Pediatric, we believe in respect, empathy, and inclusivity.

We understand the vast importance of getting the care your kids need in a friendly, compassionate environment. That’s why we work with you to make sure your child is comfortable and feels safe. We welcome special needs patients for life—even after they turn 18.