Tongue and Lip Tie Release

Help your baby feed with ease and unlock speech development in the Ogden, Utah area.

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Ensure full access to nutrition

Get more refreshing sleep

Boost confidence with clear speech

Don’t Let a Tongue or Lip Tie Slow Them Down

A tongue or lip tie can make it difficult for your infant to nurse or take a bottle, which leaves you with a perpetually hungry, fussy, and tired baby. Bigger kids with tongue or lip ties can have a hard time speaking clearly or sleeping deeply. But with one simple procedure at Castle Creek, all of these problems go away.

Mom bottle feeding baby

Unleash Your Child’s Potential

Eat Better

Improve your baby’s ability to latch and get the nutrition they need

Sleep Better

Allow your baby to achieve deep, restorative sleep with an open airway

Speak Better

Set the stage for clear, easy speech development for a confident child

A Small Procedure with a Huge Impact

When the tissues in your child’s mouth beneath their tongue or between their gums and lips are too short or thick, they can restrict movement and cause difficulty with basic functions like eating, sleeping, and speaking. In one simple procedure, we can loosen or remove that tissue to allow your child full freedom of movement.

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Laser Focus

Our Solea All-Tissue Dental Laser makes this brief surgical procedure anesthesia-free, blood-free, and pain-free.

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Time On Our Hands

With the equipment and expertise at Castle Creek, it’s all over in about five minutes.

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We Have You Covered

From consultation to aftercare strategies to follow-up appointment, we’ll support you every step of the way.

Give Them the Gift of Greater Health, Happiness, and Confidence.

Tongue or Lip Tie Release for Ogden, Weber County, and the greater Salt Lake City area.

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