Dentist Reviews: Castle Creek Dentistry Earns Top Ratings

Dec 7, 2022

At Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry, we take immense pride in earning top ratings in our local dentist reviews. It means that our compassionate, patient-first philosophy is working and that all of our patients are getting the care they need. Glowing ratings really do make a difference when a parent is searching for a new pediatric dentist. We are so grateful for the kind reviews our families have shared on social media and Google.

A dentist’s reputation depends on truthful, unbiased reviews and our patients have continued to deliver them year after year. Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their busy schedules to share a kind word on Google, dentist rating websites, or even just your personal Facebook feed. We value your trust in publicly sharing your experiences in our practice. We’ve selected a few of our favorite dentist reviews that we feel reflect a “mission accomplished” for the goals we set for our practice.

5-Star Dentist Rating for Complete Health Dentistry

“The staff is so friendly, very accommodating and my kids have loved it here since their first visit. I was so excited after picking this dentist for my kids, realizing they do whole-body health solutions. This is a one-of-a-kind pediatric dentist in the area.” — Pamela Dirstine

Little girl smiling and giving a thumbs up sign.Creating Positive Associations with Pediatric Dental Care

“Awesome staff and Dr. Simkins is amazing. Castle Creek is the best. Anyone looking for a pediatric dentist, I highly recommend them. My kids love going to the dentist because they are amazing! Been taking my kids there for thirteen years, ever since they were old enough to go to the dentist.” — Heidi Sandlin

“We have been going to Dr Simkins since my oldest daughter was four. So, a total of 14 years now! He and his staff are amazing! The few times that my kids have had to get a filling, they don’t even feel the shot. I don’t know how he does it, but I would recommend him to everyone. I have sent three of my family members to them already. Thank you all for being the best!” — Gatra Gibb

Compassionate Dental Care for Kids with Special Needs

“Dr. Simkins is an awesome dentist. I have a special needs son that he does AMAZING with! He takes time to make him feel safe and comfortable and explains what he’s doing as he goes through it, which is so important for my son. He’s been our dentist for 14 years now and we’re so glad we chose him!” — Ashi Middleton

“Dr. Simkins is a wonderful pediatric dentist! He is caring and patient. It is so important to be friendly and patient with children, especially those with special needs. Dr. Simkins does a fantastic job of making our family feel welcome in the office. Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry has always been nothing but friendly and kind to us.” — Shannon C.

“They are wonderful with my children, especially my son with special needs. Would definitely recommend this dentist! Amazing dentist and staff! — Briana Whelan

Dad brushing teeth with child and smiling into the mirror.Good Reviews for Dentist-to-Parent Communication

“We love Castle Creek! We travel from out of state to have our kids’ sedation work done here. They are incredibly helpful and caring. Dr. Simkins and Dr. Royce (anesthesiologist) are fantastic — they truly care about the kids (and worried parents 🙂 having a good experience. They explain the procedures and are more than willing to address any concerns/worries/fears. I had to call after-hours/emergency once and Dr. Simkins spoke with me himself and got my son what he needed. They are so good with kids too — pretty fun place for being a dentist’s office. 😉 We definitely recommend Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry!” — Lisa Cornia

“My oldest was not willing to participate in any dental visits until we started here. The staff is GREAT! Dr Simkins gets it done while keeping the kids occupied! The staff are all great and talk with the parents about how the kids are doing, what needs to take place, etc. They help you make an informed decision!” — Monica Chamberlain

These are just a small sample of our positive dental Google reviews — you can check out more ratings on Google or via our website. If your child is an existing patient, we hope this positive feedback reinforces your decision to choose Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry for all of your pediatric dental needs. If you have not yet reviewed our practice, we would love for you to share your experience! If you’re not part of our practice, why not schedule an appointment? We would love an opportunity to earn your five-star dentist rating and review.